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Inside Building

Our carports, RV ports, garages and barns are made of high quality steel for many years of maintenance free enjoyment. Our heavy duty galvanized framing comes in 14 gauge 2.5 inch by 2.5 inch square tubular steel. For a nominal price we offer 12 gauge 2.25 inch by 2.25 inch extra heavy duty square tubular steel which comes with a 20 year factory warranty. The frame consists of the base rails, wall and roof supports.

* Our hurricane anchors are a vital part of a certified steel structure. We have included these photos of a recent installation to help bring you a better understanding of how efficient this technique is.

* Designed and engineered with steel. Built and modified to meet your needs. With all of this, it still comes down to team work and integrity. That is what we're all about.

The roofing and siding are made from 29 gauge poly coated steel for many years of service and fade resistance. We also offer a super strong 26 gauge option. The framing and trusses 14 gauges, upgradable to 12 gauge option.

The diversity of our structures makes it easy to understand why our steel carports, garages, RV ports and barns are sought after.

Along with our standard heavy duty structures we offer certified options with certified engineered plans. A choice of either 130 or 150 mph wind load and a choice of either 30lb or 60lb live snow loads to meet the building requirements in your local area. *GARAGE DOORS AVAILABLE FROM* 6'x6' to 12'x12'

This illustration makes it easy to see the base rails, wall and roof supports.

Everything starts when a manufacturer designed delivery vehicle arrives with your exact construction materials arrives on locations

Team work is our key to success. Direct from the manufacturer a 3 to 4 person team comes with each delivery. No offense to the local resources, but the only job these guys do is install and construct our steel buildings. They are factory trained and directed by factory engineers. These teams are awesome

Every detail is important to us, even the galvanized steel trim.

Another 10'x10', 130mph wind load certified roll up door installed

Hurricane Anchor:

To install, each hurricane anchor is lined up to match the steel base rails. A heavy duty bolt attaches the anchor to the steel base rails. The photo reveals the fully drilled anchor and eye bolted.

This is a hurricane anchor. It is a solid, heavy duty steel screw which is machine drilled about 3 feet into the ground.

Building Components

Building Components